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Who We Are

The Presbytery of San Fernando, a middle governing body of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), is comprised of 32 churches in the northwest corner of Los Angeles County. It includes heavily urbanized communities, suburban communities and rural areas, and is extremely diverse in both its racial/ethnic and socio-economic makeup.

Our Vision

The Presbytery of San Fernando declares that every church within our bounds is a mission center reaching out to a diverse and rapidly changing community and world.

Our Mission

The mission of the Presbytery of San Fernando is to…

  • assure each congregation in San Fernando Presbytery that we will work in partnership with them to assess their present ministry context and address their future direction;
  • provide people and supportive services necessary to help congregations fulfill their mission through evangelism and reconciliation ministries;
  • encourage the clustering of churches for mutual support and a variety of mission opportunities;
  • identify opportunities for new church developments, specialized ministries and other forms of church development;
  • act as a dynamic presbytery, which is centered in and driven by its mission, calling us to rethink and to change our institutional life.
  • provide coordination for mission in keeping with the Constitution of the PC(USA) and our worldwide commitments that cannot be accomplished by the local congregation alone.