CPM Meeting 2

COMMUNICATION AND CHURCH SUPPORT COMMITTEE provides resources and training for all publications, even websites. They also promote greater understanding of the functions of Presbytery, Synod and the national church. Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC) is a work group residing within this committee. Meets 3rd Monday, 6:00 pm. — Chair: Deidra Goulding

EVANGELISM & CHURCH GROWTH COMMITTEE investigates revitalization possibilities for existing churches and explores the ramifications of developing new congregations. Meets first Monday, 5:00 pm. — Chair: Joanne Oemig

COMMITTEE ON MINISTRY guides the process of discovering the right pastor for each congregation, and fosters comfort and encouragement in churches and pastors going through a period of strife. Meets first Thursday, 5:00 pm. — Chair: Jim Sillerud

NOMINATING & REPRESENTATION COMMITTEE evaluates the needs of the committees and strives to find persons with matching gifts. Meets second Thursday, 12:30 pm. — Chair: John Bullock

PERSONNEL COMMITTEE supports the staff providing services to the Presbytery. Meets on call. — Chair: Teresa Ramsey-McNeil

POLITY & RECORDS COMMITTEE trains and supports clerks and sets standards for church records. Meets on call. — Chair: Vicky Lanier

COMMITTEE ON PREPARATION FOR MINISTRY encourages, guides and supports people called to the ministry. Meets second Thursday, 4:30 pm. — Chair: Ken Gardner

PROPERTY & FINANCE COMMITTEE assumes stewardship of Presbytery finances and serves as trustees of the corporation. Meets third Thursday, 4:30 pm. — Chair: Frank Heckadon